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Most of the beginning swimmers if they make a mistake, the biggest mistake they make is over rolling when they turn to breathe, and that's breathing late and not only turning their chant but returning their whole body, their hips, their ankles and almost rolling on their backs to breathe.

Another problem we see with beginning swimmers is holding their heads too high when they take a breath. The same idea, there's a trough that's right alongside of your face as you're swimming. You want to look backwards in a diagonally rear-facing direction so you want to see what's behind you, not what's alongside what's ahead. If you do this by having your line of vision, be focused behind you and avoid lifting your head.

Another mistake that beginning swimmers typically make is holding their breaths. We want you to have constant exhalation in fact, your primary thought when you're swimming freestyle should be on exhaling. No swimmer ever has to be told to inhale, but many who hold their breath too much having incomplete exhalation in carbon dioxide build-up which quickly... quickly adds to fatigue and energy loss. So make sure that you're always exhaling.

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