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Narrator: You will hear a conversation in which two friends are talking about a racing bicycle. Look at the tasks then listen and answer questions 1 to 5.

Man: Did you read about the man who built himself a bike so that he could attempt a world speed record?

Woman: Really. That sounds fantastic. What did he built it from?

Man: All sorts of stuff. Look, I’ve got the picture here.

Woman: Right. Oh, I like the position he’s in, very aerodynamic.

Man: Yeah.

Woman: The wheels are quite small.

Man: Yeah. They’re not made from recycled material. He wanted to minimize contact with the road because that causes friction which slows you down, so they’re not as wide as those on a normal bike.

Woman: And did the tire is completely smooth as well as being narrow.

Man: Yes, that’s right.

Woman: And the pedals are really high up at the back.

Man: Yeah, his shoes are fixed into place so that he can really get some power going.

Woman: What do the pedals made of? I’m sure the weight of things like that must be an issue if you need to cycle at speed.

Man: It is. But these ones are made of a special alloy so there’s hardly any weight in them at all.

Woman: Brilliant. And what about the other metal parts, like the frame?

Man: Well, he hasn’t gone for new material there. He’s used some pieces from other bicycles that he’d used in the past.

Woman: Oh right, and has he designed the gears specially? It looks like he’s got two chains there, one going to the pedals and the other going to the back wheel.

Man: That’s right. That’s his adaptation, but the gears themselves are ordinary ones.

Woman: What? The sort you find in a normal bike?

Man: Yeah, apparently. The only thing he doesn’t have is a saddle to sit on.

Woman: Well, he’s not really sitting is he? But he is resting his stomach and shoulders on something.

Man: That’s right. But the bits he’s resting on aren’t made of particularly soft material.

Woman: Really?

Man: No, he made them out of an old saucepan.

Woman: Must be a bit hard.

Man: You can say that again. So what are his chances of breaking this record?

Woman: Oh, I don’t really know, but by all accounts…

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