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Chuyên đề 2

Man: Right, so let’s look at the guidebook. We’re on the second floor and this is Staircase 1.

Woman: There it is. We must be here.

Man: Ok, so what should we go and see first?

Woman: Well, we’ve got various things on this floor. There’s a room about space exploration, a room about Astronomy in general, a room about…er…the Big Bang theory, and then one about the Planet Mars. But I also want to see the exhibitions on the next floor, so we shouldn’t take too long.

Man: Ok, so where should we start?

Woman: Well, the first room on our right is the General Astronomy one, so we can make a start in there.

Man: Ok, and opposite that is the Big Bang Theory.

Woman: That’s right. So it will be good to take in that one afterwards, then there’s a room at the end – that’s about Manned Spaceflight. We should finish there because there’s another staircase going up from that room.

Man: Good idea! So what’s in the rooms on either side of the corridor before you get to the room at the end?

Woman: Well, two of them are close today - like the second on the left, but the one next to it on the same side has got an exhibition about Space Exploration. Maybe that’s the one to miss if we haven’t got much time.

Man: Ok, but the one on the opposite side of the corridor – that’s got an exhibition about Planet Mars. I wouldn’t want to miss that. So should we do things in that order then?

Woman: Good plan!

Man: Great, let’s go.

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