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Hello, I've come along to tell you about an invention of mine called the Party Popper Machine. Here is a diagram of the machine and I'll just explain how it works.

It's basically a set of interconnected cogs and wheels that rotate in turn and cause a party popper to pop! The process begins with what I like to call the Party Starter! It's located on the top of the base at the front. I was very fond of wind-up toys when I was young, but sadly couldn't find a way to attach a winder to this contraption, but I think this big round button looks nice and dramatic, and my children fight over getting to push it!

The button activates a small motor that's housed directly under the box at the front. It generates enough power to get everything going but not so much that it overheats and needs a cooling fan! The legs elevate the base and help with that. The base also has another use as it can also hold up to 10 spare party poppers! So you never need to worry about running out. Once the motor is running, it turns the spiky wheel that is attached to the loaded party popper. I call this the detonator! As it turns, the string of the party popper slowly wraps around it and is pulled tighter and tighter until it explodes! So much fun!

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