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Chuyên đề 14

Narrator: Now, listen and answer questions 27 to 30.

A: What are the next steps if we are to have a new system?

B: Well, the first question is - do you have support from your senior management?

A: Yes, I've already discussed it with them and they're also keen to get this work done.

B: OK, because I was going to say, that's the first thing you need to do and without that, we can't go ahead.

A: Yes, I've done that.

B: That's good.

A: Actually, they mentioned that there's probably a form I need to complete to formally start the project.

B: Yes that's the next thing you need to do. I'll send you an email with a link so you can fill it in online. It's called a project request form.

A: OK, great. And then what happens?

B: Well, I have a list of things but I think the third thing you should do is see Samir. He's our analyst who will look at the system and identify what needs to be done.

A: OK - can you send me his contact details and I'll set up a meeting with him.

B: OK that's good, so we should soon be able to get a team together to start the work. Some members of our team work in different locations so it's not easy to have face-to-face meetings.

A: That's OK - I'm used to having conference calls providing they are not late at night.

B: Right! So I’ll send you details of the team and you could set up the call that would be great.

A: OK. I’ll do that.

B: Thanks.

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