Phân tích đề"Describe something you received for free"IELTS SPEAKING

· Part 2

Bên cạnh Hướng dẫn đề thi IELTS 21/11/2020 bài WRITING TASK 1 (map) về school library (kèm bài sửa cho HS đi thi), IELTS TUTOR Phân tích đề Describe something you received for free.

I. Đề bài

Describe something you received for free.

You should say:
What it was?
Who you received it from?
Where you received it?
And how you felt about it?

II. Kiến thức liên quan

IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn

III. Phân tích


  • What it was?
    • my wristwatch
  • Who you received it from? + Where you received it?
    •  When I was in Grade 10, I still remember it was my birthday, and my grandpa took me to a shop from where he got me a very expensive branded wristwatch with a beautiful dial and a leather band .>> IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn Paraphrase từ "remember/recall" tiếng anh
  • And how you felt about it?

    • From the day my grandpa gave me this gift, it has become a part and parcel of my life. I wear it all the time as I am a very punctual person and make sure that I do everything on time, and this wristwatch helps me to do be on time. >> IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn Paraphrase động từ "become" tiếng anh

    • Unfortunately, once It stopped working, and I had to get it fixed which took a couple of days, and at that time I realized how dependent I am on this thing

    • In fact, after school, I have to attend a couple of extra classes and because of this watch, I never get late

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