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· Vocabulary

1. Các loại chim

  • Parrot: con vẹt
  • Sparrow: chim sẻ
  • Dove/pigeon: chim bồ câu
  • Eagle: đại bàng
  • Seagull: hải âu
  • Woodpecker: chim gõ kiến
  • Owl: con cú
  • Crow/raven: con quạ 
  • Swan: thiên nga

    Peacock: con công

    Butter-fly: bươm bướm

    Dragon-fly: chuồn chuồn

    Goose: ngỗng

    Flamingo: chim hồng hạc

    Blackbird: chim sáo

    Fire-fly: đom đóm

    Bunting: chim hoạ mi

2. Đặc tính của các loại chim

  • Phoenix: chim phượng hoàng:
    • Mythical bird: trong thần thoại
    • Symbol of the empress in olden days
    • High position and prosperity
  • Magpie: chim ác là:
  • Crow/Raven
    • Smart and can use strategies to get food and water
    • Pure black feather
    • Favoured by ….. được yêu thích bởi
  • Seagull: chim hải âu
    • Adorably pure white feather
    • Special attachment / sentiment for ocean / sea: gắn bó đặc biệt với 
  • Pigeon / Dove
    • Traditional symbol of peace and ịnocence
    • Can be trained as carrier pigeon
    • Can be raised as domestic pet
  • Parrot: con vẹt
    • Can mimic / imitate human speech
    • Intimate companion of people
    • Colourful feather

3. Idioms về birds

  • On the wing = flying:
    • In my city, you can see a lot of birds on the wing
  • Dart in and out = move quickly between two things
    • Almost everyday I catch a glimpse of a woodpecker darting in and out of the pine trees

4. Các câu mẫu tham khảo về topic bird

  • I’ve always had a fascination for birds. 
  • I think I inherited this interest from my dad who can identify any kind of bird just by the sound of their song
  • birds are beautiful and adorable creatures that should be well-protected and loved.
  • Back then, my grandparents used to raise some birds. 
  • Their chirp sounds are really interesting, and these sounds often woke me up every morning. It’s indeed a fabulous way to start a new day
  • songbirds are very special for Vietnamese people because they are often kept as pets, and hung in cages outside shops and houses.
  • some other birds such as chickens and ducks are eaten here, so perhaps the Vietnamese people’s relationship with birds is somewhat conflicted
  • These days, I live in the city so there’s a lack of wildlife in general, including birds. However, sometimes I do see pigeons, sparrows and other small migratory birds. 
  • I am also woken up daily by a the sound of a cockerel crowing nearby, although I’ve never seen it.
  • Well, I have only seen a few, I am not very much of a birdwatcher. 
  • The ones I have seen are pretty common, like pigeons and sparrows. 
  • I haven’t caught sight of any exotic breeds in the real life, except for those on the television, particularly Discovery channel.
  • it is primarily because I have DEVELOPED A KEEN INTEREST IN FLORA AND FAUNA, especially flying creatures 

  • I have only seen a few, I am not much of a BIRD ENTHUSIAST.

  • The ones I have seen are pretty common, like pigeons and sparrows. I haven’t sighted any EXOTIC breeds.

  • I haven’t spotted any birds in my neighborhood.

  • You’re more likely to find them in zoos, national parks or in the countryside

  • Birds are considered sort of a DELICACY

  • Overall, they are not very into birds.

  • Only elderly people are fond of keeping birds

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