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Okay, so I've got this form here and I need to give first of all my surname which is Robinson, R-O-B-I-N-S-O-N. Then my name is Owen, O-W-E-N.

What's next, what do they want to know. Where am I from? I'm Irish. And the number of the flight, let me check I'll get the ticket. The flight number was Vietnam Airlines, it's V-A, no no no, V-N-3-2-4. OK, the time we arrived half past six in the evening.

Now, they want to know about the bag. What the size, I guess very big, it was too big to carry on the plane, so very big. It was black and brown, and it's also quiet heavy. There's 20, no, it's on the ticket, here were 22 kilos.

Okay, the last thing they want, two more things, my contact information. So, my phone number: 0905556732. And my last thing here is my email address. Oh, that's an easy one: I think that's everything in the form. Okay, I'm finished.

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