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Bên cạnh Hướng dẫn đề thi IELTS 21/11/2020 bài WRITING TASK 1 (map) về school library (kèm bài sửa cho HS đi thi), IELTS TUTOR cũng cung cấp transcript bài tập Short Answer IELTS Listening.

Chuyên đề 11

You will hear two business students, called Zahra and James, talking about a tutorial paper.

Zahra: Hi James.

James: Zahra, hi. So, have you decided yet what you're going to do your tutorial paper on?

Zahra: Yes, actually I have. I agonized over it for ages, as you well know. You had to listen to me.

James: Well, that's true, but you've had to listen to me, too. So, what's it on?

Zahra: Electronic gadgets but from a particular angle, 'must-carry' gadgets. You know, gadgets that people cannot leave the house without, er .... like mobile phones, etc. It's not particularly original.

James: That's really very neat!

Zahra: Oh, do you think so?

James: Yes, actually I do.

Zahra: I thought it was really quite ordinary.

James: And how are you going to do the research for your paper?

Zahra: I thought of interviewing people in the age groups 20-25 and 50 plus, so I can ask students for the first group and I'll have to ask lecturers and people in the street or people working on campus for the other group. But I haven't made up my mind yet which groups to choose.

James: Er .... And what are you setting out to show?

Zahra: I'm not sure at this stage but something along the lines of ...mmm... the idea that we are making ourselves more stressed, and it has reached such a stage that we are so dependent on the gadgets that leaving the house without them
makes us ill. I'm just thinking on my feet here, I haven't really thought it right through to the end.

James: What about your questionnaire?

Zahra: Mmm ... yes that's another things. What I'm not really decided about is the length of questionnaire should be.

James: The best thing is to keep it short.

Zahra: Maybe. But I'll finalise the length when I sit down to type it up.

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