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Interviewer: Students copying material from the internet is a serious problem that according to a survey which found almost 2 thirds of teaches reckon too many 6 forms as the plagiarizing online material essays. Well, Alison Ryans is with us in the studio - she's from the Association of Teachers and Lecturers which conducted the survey. Now Alison, just how big a problem is this online plagiarism?

Alison Ryans: It's a huge problem. Many of our members reported it takes quite a lot of their time but a lot of work to track it down. But almost more importantly, if you like are equally important for students is that they risk getting no grade if they get caution - most of them do get caught, and also that they if they don't get caught in the very few who don't, they go on to the next stage with people having a very false idea of the reliability and it's soon or late we'll catch them all.

Interviewer: And you conducted the survey, you're forth to the group conducted the survey, how easy is it to spot when someone has plagiarized or something?

Alison Ryans: It's actually easier than you might think because it can often make quite a difference in style from the kind of work you know seen throughout the year and as teachers, you know the students were quite well, I will know if... they're at other work. It's also just a matter of you can just go to Google and you can put in keywords and you'll find the same material that in fact, the students have probably found. For worse cases, it's all for... if you like, kind of hard to cases to spot, there's also certain software like the Turnitin software which is used by colleges, by universities but that would be a cost element attached to that.

Interviewer: Okay, Allison Ryan. Thanks very much for joining.

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