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There's a lot of things that you can do to bring awareness of your spending, and one of the first ones is don't spot shop. When you know you've had a bad day, don't just go to the mall, don't go somewhere where you're more likely to spend money.

Er...Live within your means. For a lot of people, that means realizing that they have more month than they have money. Don't pleasure future life energy today and borrow for things. Look at how much you have available day and simply live within your means. For most people, if you can't live within your means today, you probably won't be able to live within your means tomorrow.

Take care of what you have. Yeah, just take that extra step to make sure that things last a little bit longer, you won't have to replacements fast. Where it out if you're gonna replace that car every 4 years, maybe go an extra year - what would that mean for you over time.

Do it yourself! A lot of people report that they get a lot of fulfillment and controlling their lives by learning to do things themselves and they save the money that they would have had to pay to others.

Anticipate your needs. You know your anniversary is going to be the same day each year, don't wait till the last minute and pay an extra $35 to fed ex that gift.

Research bought by value. Take the time to make sure you get the absolute most for your money, that's getting the absolute most for your life energy. Get it for less, buy it on sale, or better yet wait till it's on sale, and buy used. Many times those impulse buys of others are easily found online where you can buy the same product for almost half price.

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