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From about 18,000 until 10,000 BC, long before Stonehenge and the Pyramids, that's when mammoths and saber-toothed cats still roam the Earth. Prehistoric people painted deep inside caves in this part of Europe. These weren't just crude doodles but huge in sophisticated projects, executed by artists and supported by an impressive culture - the Magdalenian.

The region's limestone cliffs, honeycombed with painted caves are unique on this planet. Tourists gather nearby is Lascaux, home of the region's and the world's most famous cave paintings.

These caves were discovered accidentally in 1940 by 4 kids and their dogs. Over the next couple of decades, about a million visitors climb through the prehistoric Wonderland, inadvertently tracking in fungus on their shoes, and changing the humidity and the temperature with theirs breathing. In just 15 years, the precious art deteriorated more than the 15000 years before that. The caves were closed to the public. Visitors can now experience the wonder of Lascaux by touring in an adjacent replica.

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