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The first thing any regular train users should do is to book their tickets in advance, preferably exactly 12 weeks in advance. Those 300-pound tickets to Manchester, you can get them for just 25 pounds per turn. If you go online, you go to a website called, you fill in that ticket alert system and you'll get an email telling you when those tickets are available. Because they often sell out very quickly, so when you get that email, act straight away. But maybe it sounds a bit sneaky, don't actually buy them on because you have to pay a 1 pound 50 booking fee, and if using a credit card, another 1.50. Instead, pop over to the East Coast website, you think that's only trains down the East Coast and London up to Edinburgh, it's not, they will sell tickets for any trains, anywhere in the UK, and they don't charge a booking fee, and they don't charge the credit card. So that's another 2 or 3 good-sized.

If you haven't been able to buy a ticket along while advance, it is still worth remembering the up until 6:00 on the night before, you can still get advance tickets that won't be as cheap as the Super Advance once 12 weeks in advance but it's still worth trying to buy them the night before.

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