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Interviewer: The fact is multi-tasking is a myth, our brains can't do it. You simply become less efficient and more distracted, your error rate goes up 50 percent and it takes you twice as long to do the same task. Listen to what Tim Jenkins has to say. He's the co-founder of Point B, a leading business consulting firm.

Tim Jenkins: While I think is a fallacy out there that the folks that can multi-task are more effective, there are times when it's just important to focus on one thing. I think we also give need to give people permission to check out, the check out of the communications network, temporarily to get things done because when you're always on... when you're always online, you're always distracted, right? And the brain was telling us that that is a very unproductive mode to be in, and so the always online organization is actually always unproductive organization.

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