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Chuyên đề 18

Narrator: You will hear two friends Tina and Jack talking about a purse lost in an airport.

Tina: Oh Jack. Thank goodness you’re here. I just didn’t know what to do.

Jack: Well, are you alright? What happened?

Tina: Yeah, I guess I’m alright, but I’ve just had my purse with everything in it stolen.

Jack: Look, I bought you a drink. This coffee here. Drink it. It’ll make you feel better. Now, come on, let’s sit down here in the café then you can tell me what happened.

Tina: Thanks. That tastes good. Well, I just come through passport control and went into the luggage hall to pick up my luggage. I was just standing by a desk to sort out all my papers. You know, I have my passport, my visa, a bit of paper with the address of where I’m staying, all that stuff in my hands. As I put it all back into my bag, this tour man with his wife went past me and sort of bumped into me, but I didn’t think anything of it because that’s not unusual when you’re waiting for your luggage.

Jack: So, how do you know it happened in the luggage hall?

Tina: Well, after I picked up my luggage, I went through customs and into the arrivals hall. And when I got there, I went to that mini market over there to buy some stuff, and it was then I noticed. When I wanted to pay that my purse just wasn’t there. I’d wanted to buy some water, you know, I had some juice and orange with me but I was just really thirsty. Anyway, it wasn’t in any of my bags, so I thought I just dropped it, so I went back to the arrivals hall to look for it and I wanted to go back into the luggage place but they wouldn’t let me through.

Jack: Right. Well, we must contact your bank but what makes you so certain it was that tall guy. Maybe you just dropped it and someone picked it up and handed it in to the police.

Tina: No Jack. I’m sure it was him. The more I think about it, the more I think he’d been watching me for a while. I’d noticed him on the plane, you see, because he kept talking on his mobile rudely loudly just after we landed. His wife did, too.

Jack: Have you been to the police?

Tina: No, not yet. I just came straight to the café to find you. I… I just don’t understand how he did it?

Jack: What did the purse have in it?

Tina: Everything. That’s the problem. Well, not quite everything. I’ve still got my passport on my visa but my credit cards have gone, and $300 in cash. Fortunately, I just put my English money into my pocket and my plane ticket too, so I still got them.

Jack: Can you remember what he looked like?

Tina: Well, he was tall with quite long blonde hair. He must have been around 35 and I think he was wearing a leather jacket. And his wife was quite short, younger than him, probably around 20 with short dark hair. She was sort of medium built, but what I noticed about her was that she was actually using two mobile phones. Oh no…

Jack: What? What’s the matter?

Tina: Look, that’s them. They’re coming towards us.

Man: Oh, thank goodness I found you.

Tina: What do you mean?

Man: Look, is this your purse? I found it on the plane and I’ve been looking for you ever since.

Tina: Oh no. Yes, it is mine. (ahhaa). Thank you so much. Look, can I buy you a drink?

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