Phân tích đề"Describe an interesting conversation you had with your friend"IELTS SPEAKING

· Part 2

I. Đề bài

Describe an interesting conversation you had with your friend.

You should say:

Who you spoke with?
Where you were?
What the conversation was about?
And explain why you think it was interesting?

II. Kiến thức liên quan

III. Phân tích


  • Who you spoke with? + Where you were?
    • ​Well, the person who received my advice was Lam, who is my closest friend in my bachelor’s program
  • What the conversation was about?
    • Speaking of the advice I gave him, it was about how to improve his job application documents such as CV and cover letter. >> IELTS TUTOR lưu ý Cách dùng động từ "improve" tiếng anh

    • More specifically, I suggested Lam that he should remove unnecessary details such as marital status, add more relevant skills and qualifications, and put the most important ones on the top of the CV to polish his strengths and relevance.

  • And explain why you think it was interesting?
    • My feelings about the advice I gave him changed a lot during the application process. 
    • At the beginning, I simply sympathized with his circumstance, so I proposed that I could give him some help to improve the success rate. 
    • After that, after checking the job requirements and his CV, I found several issues with his applications, so I had a firm belief that my advice would definitely benefit his result. >> IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn Phân biệt FIND - FOUND - FOUNDED trong tiếng anh
    • Finally, the fact that he was offered an official contract from a prestigious multinational company motivated me, and I felt totally satisfied because our efforts have been paid off.

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