Phân tích đề"Describe a thing you did to learn another language"IELTS SPEAKING

· Part 2

I. Đề bài

Describe a thing you did to learn another language.

You should say:

What language you learned?
What you did?
How it helped you learn the language?
And how you felt about it?

II. Kiến thức liên quan

III. Phân tích


  • What language you learned?
    • English is the most familiar language across the world, and even people living at the farthest corner knows English
  • What you did?
  • How it helped you learn the language?
    • He had a great command over the language and with the unique style he made learning English for students easy and fun
    • To make teaching interesting, Mr Ham often make use of audiovisual aids especially, showing videos to help us learn English accent and understand British culture. >> IETLS TUTOR lưu ý hướng dẫn từ a đến z cách dùng từ "make" trong ielts writing
    • There was a small library at this institute where we could sit and enjoy reading french books for hours. 
  • And how you felt about it?
    • At first, I used  to  think  that it would take me a long time to learn English prior to joining this centre. >> Ngoài ra IELTS TUTOR lưu ý Cách dùng USED TO / GET USED TO / BE USED TO
    • However, only in two months I learnt the basics, and I am thankful to my trainer and his guidance and the method I adopted to learn a new language.
    • Finally, I had a wonderful experience here and the credit goes to my English trainer Mr Ham. 

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