Phân tích đề"Describe a party / describe a party you attended or joined"IELTS SPEAKING

· Speaking

I. Đề bài

Describe a party / describe a party you attended or joined

  • Các câu hỏi trong cue card của IELTS TUTOR
    • When that was
    • What the celebration was for
    • What you did
    • And explain why you want to talk about it

II. Kiến thức liên quan

III. Phân tích

IELTS TUTOR lưu ý câu trả lời:

  • Intro + Câu 1 + Câu 2: When that was+What the celebration was for 
  • Câu 3: What you did
    • My father had sent me to a painting school in the hope that I could develop my talents in that, and a year later, I was given an award in a drawing competition. My father was so happy that he decided to give me a surprise: a delicate portfolio with all my paintings in it. >> IELTS TUTOR lưu ý Cách dùng động từ "decide" tiếng anh
  • Câu 4: And explain why you want to talk about it
    • There was many reasons why this celebration is worth mentioning
      • Firstly, to this day, I keep my father’s gift as a treasure
        • Actually, I was really impressed with my father’s special gift. Not only is it a record of a childhood memory, but it is also an encouragement for me to work hard. >> IELTS TUTOR lưu ý CẤU TRÚC "NOT ONLY - BUT ALSO"
      • Secondly, even though it was just a small prize, I felt a sense of fulfillment

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