Cách trả lời"Why do people move to a new home?"IELTS SPEAKING PART 3

· Part 3

Bên cạnh hướng dẫn bạn SỬA BÀI IELTS WRITING TASK 2 ĐỀ THI THẬT NGÀY 22/8/2020 của HS IELTS TUTOR đạt 6.5 Writing, IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn kĩ thêm Cách trả lời"What are the problems if you ask too many people for advice?"IELTS SPEAKING PART 3

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II. Cách trả lời"Why do people move to a new home?"


  • Main idea 1: Adding to a family with children is one of the most common reasons people make the move into a new home.  
    • Supporting idea: 
      • In fact, over 30% of the population moved into a new home because of changes to the structure of their family. 
      • This exciting event provides your family the perfect opportunity to adjust your priorities and expenses, and get into a new home that will better fit your family size and your budget. >> IELTS TUTOR lưu ý Cách dùng danh từ "budget" tiếng anh
    • Example: 
  • Main idea 2: Moving into a new house that better fulfills your needs and wants can have a huge impact on your life. 
    • Supporting idea: 
      • In fact, it is so important to us that the majority of the population move to find a new house that will better fit their needs and wants in life. 
      • Making the move to a better housing situation can greatly reduce stress and improve happiness. 
    • Example: 

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