Cách trả lời"What are the pros and cons of old buildings?"IELTS SPEAKING PART 3

· Part 3

Bên cạnh PHÂN TÍCH ĐỀ THI THẬT TASK 1 (Complaint letter) NGÀY 04/8/2020 IELTS WRITING GENERAL MÁY TÍNH (kèm bài được sửa hs đi thi), IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn kĩ thêm Cách trả lời "What are the pros and cons of old buildings?" IELTS SPEAKING PART 3.

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IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn:

II. Cách trả lời "What are the pros and cons of old buildings?"

IELTS TUTOR lưu ý có thể tham khảo dàn bài sau:

  • Main idea 1: Well, on the one hand, old buildings are beneficial in many ways, such as preserving culture and tradition >> IELTS TUTOR giới thiệu Từ vựng topic Culture IELTS 
    • Supporting idea: 
      • Therefore, old buildings serve as disseminating knowledge since an old building is a faithful monument for preserving what transpired in the past.
      • Citizens can visit and be reminded of the beauty and resilience of their ancestors. 
    • Example: 
  • Main idea 2: On the other hand, I have to say that old buildings can’t be efficiently utilised since today’s people focus more on comfortably living and working, which cannot be provided by old buildings (IELTS TUTOR gợi ý cách diễn đạt khác: It is common place for old buildings that no longer meet today’s safety standards)
    • Supporting idea: There are always chances of the building falling down due to it's old construction.
    • Example: 
      • For example, sống trong mấy nhà cổ thì chật chội như nào (IELTS TUTOR gợi ý cách diễn đạt: The plumbing, fittings, and lighting's would be of poor quality as it's old and probably rusted)
      • Rooms would be smaller and congested, and hence storage becomes a problem.

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