Cách trả lời"How has people's way of relaxing changed recently?"IELTS SPEAKING PART 3

· Part 3

Bên cạnh PHÂN TÍCH ĐỀ THI THẬT TASK 1 (Complaint letter) NGÀY 04/8/2020 IELTS WRITING GENERAL MÁY TÍNH (kèm bài được sửa hs đi thi), IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn kĩ thêm Cách trả lời "How has people’s way of relaxing changed recently?" IELTS SPEAKING PART 3.

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II. Cách trả lời "How has people’s way of relaxing changed recently?"


  • Main idea 1: Well, in the past, people used to relax in a traditional way, such as playing chess, watching TV, reading newspapers or doing sport.
    • Supporting idea: 
    • Example: To be honest, I am fed up with being a couch potato because If I try to relax at home, the only entertainment for me is to surf the internet or watch TV programmes >> This kind of relaxation is not suitable for me >> IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn Cách dùng danh từ "entertainment" tiếng anh
  • Main idea 2: However, now, an increasing number of people, especially young people, tend to reply on the internet in order to play computer games, to surf the internet or to catch up with friends.
    • Supporting idea: It is really convenient simply because some of the websites provide good and healthy environment for users to have fun >> IELTS TUTOR giới thiệu Từ vựng Topic Environment 
    • Example:
  • Có thể tham khảo thêm ý khác nhưng chỉ nên tập trung vào 2 main ideas 
    • Today’s people have a wider range of selections for their amusement, like travelling to different countries, going to the beach and staying at modern resorts, or doing some other similarly trendy activities.

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