Cách trả lời"Have you ever lost your way?"IELTS SPEAKING PART 1

· Part 1

I. Câu hỏi khác cùng topic


  • Have you ever lost your way? 
  • How can you find your way when you are lost? 
  • Can you read a map when you get lost ? 
  • Have you ever helped someone who got lost?

II. Từ vựng

IELTS TUTOR tổng hợp Từ vựng topic "Map / Get lost"

III. Cách trả lời"Have you ever lost your way?"


  • Main idea: I’ve got lost countless times in my life. (IELTS TUTOR gợi ý cách diễn đạt khác: This is embarrassing, but it has happened many times before)
  • Supporting idea: 
    • I always struggle to navigate my way in unfamiliar places, especially in crowded cities with a maze of little lanes like ....
    • The reason is I have a very bad sense of direction, plus a memory like a sieve, so you can imagine the struggle when it comes to finding my way around the city. >> IELTS TUTOR lưu ý Cách dùng từ SENSE trong tiếng anh
  • Example: 

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